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Router 사양 및 사용조건

  • JRR type Router bit

    Suitable for tooling up edge of PCB, and groove cutter.
    In addition to diamond eye cutting shape, it functions well to release cutting waste.
    Smooth processing board face is designed to lengthen the cutter life.

  • JR type Router bit

    Milling cutter with a right turn blade edge is designed for board sides requiring high precision. It is suitable for PCB golden finger surface processing and precision board edge trimming.

  • JCB type Router bit

    Right handed rotary cutting edge ditch is wide and deep and left handed rotary chip breaker edge is finely arranged design and they are applied in high TG board nude copper board, halogen free board, automobile board, communication board ceramic board, HDI board and various extra-hard boards.

JCB Router 유효날장 사양표 및 작업조건

Router 규격(D)
Router 파라미터 (rpm/min)
0.8mm 4.5mm / 5mm / 5.5mm 38K 0.2-0.4
0.9mm 6mm / 7mm 38K 0.2-0.4
1.0mm 6mm / 7mm 38K 0.2-0.4
1.1mm 7mm 38K 0.3-0.5
1.2mm 6mm / 7mm 37K 0.4-0.6
1.3mm 7mm / 8mm 36K 0.5-0.7
1.4mm 7mm / 8mm 35K 0.6-0.8
1.5mm 8mm / 9mm 34K 0.8-1.0
1.6mm 8mm / 9mm 34K 0.8-1.0
1.7mm 8mm/9mm 33K 1.0-1.2
1.8mm 8mm/9.5mm 32K 1.0-1.2
1.9mm 9.5mm 32K 1.0-1.2
2.0mm 10mm / 10.5mm 32K 1.0-1.2
2.3mm 11.5mm 30K 1.0-1.2
2.4mm 10.5mm / 11.5mm 30K 1.0-1.2
2.5mm 11.5mm 28K 1.0-1.2
2.7mm 10.5mm 28K 1.2-1.4
2.9mm 11.5mm 27K 1.2-1.4
3.0mm 12mm 27K 1.2-1.4
3.175mm 12mm 26K 1.2-1.4

※ 무할로겐프리, High TG FR12판 HDI 등의 참고치로, 이 수명은 모두 적합한 안전범위 내에 있으며, 각 기계설비, 판재, 공정인원등에 따라 실제 작업은 각 회사마다 다릅니다.

JRR Router 유효날장 사양표 및 작업조건

Router 규격(D)
Router 파라미터 (rpm/min)
0.5mm (BGA) 3mm 41K-43K 0.2-0.3
0.6mm (BGA) 3mm 4K-43K 0.2-0.3
0.7mm (BGA) 3mm / 4mm 41K-43K 0.2-0.3
0.8mm 4.5mm / 5mm / 5.5mm / 6mm 38K-42K 0.4-0.5
0.9mm 6mm 38K-42K 0.4-0.5
1.0mm 6mm / 7mm 38K-40K 0.5-0.6
1.1mm 7mm 33K-36K 0.5-0.6
1.2mm 6mm / 7mm 33K-36K 0.6-0.7
1.3mm 7mm / 8mm 33K-35K 0.6-0.7
1.4mm 7mm / 8mm 33K-35K 0.7-0.8
1.5mm 8mm / 8.5mm / 9mm 33K-35K 0.7-0.8
1.6mm 8mm / 8.5mm 33K-35K 0.8-0.9
1.7mm 8mm/9mm 30K-33K 0.8-0.9
1.8mm 8.5mm / 9.5mm 30K-33K 0.9-1.0
1.9mm 9.5mm 30K-33K 0.9-1.0
2.0mm 10.5mm / 11.5mm 30K-32K 0.9-1.0
2.3mm 11.5mm 28K-30K 0.9-1.0
2.38mm 11.5mm 28K-30K 1.0-1.2
2.4mm 10.5mm / 11.5mm 28K-30K 1.0-1.2
2.5mm 10.5mm / 11.5mm 28K-30K 1.0-1.2